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Public domain graphical tileset for Roguelike games.
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Dungeon Crawl, 2D Dungeon Crawl, 3D
Dungeon Crawl 2D Dungeon Crawl 3D
paper doll
Player Tileset sample: You can customize the player tile part by part!!
(as a working example, try the Dungeon Crawl tile version and press "-" key to edit player tile)

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Clicking a tile leads you to the CVS repository of the corresponding indivisual tile.
NetHack: monsters/ items/ dungeon features
Dungeon Crawl: monsters /items /dungeon features /player tileset /64x64 tileset

Licence Notice:

You can use these tilesets in your program freely. Please include the following text in your distribution package, either as a separate file or incorpolated into your license notice document. The fourth line is optional: Delete it if you have not modified the tiles. If you have modified some of the tiles, replace "YOURNAME" by your name.
Part of (or All) the graphic tiles used in this program is the public 
domain roguelike tileset "RLTiles".
Some of the tiles have been modified by YOURNAME.

You can find the original tileset at:


Denzi, Alex Korol, Edger, Wan-ichi, So-Miya, Haruko Numata, Tatsuya, AllegroHack tiles(Kelly Youngblood, Paul Pliska, John Harris), Dainokata, Zmy
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Some explosion tiles were generated by "Exploser".
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