For players

NetHack X11 version

Download nh32.xpm.gz and gunzip it. Then place nh32.xpm in the HACKDIR, then add a line "NetHack.tile_file:nh32.xpm" to the X-Resource file.

NetHack Windows version

Download and unzip it. Then move nh32.bmp into the NetHack folder. Insert this line into your defaults.nh:
OPTIONS=tile_file:nh32.bmp, tile_width:32, tile_height:32

Dungeon Crawl Windows version

Download the Windows Binary from and just run it.

Dungeon Crawl X11 version

Download the source patch from, and apply it to the source.
Unzip and place the *.png files to "SAVE_DIR" defined in Apphdr.h .

For Developers

Download D.I.Y. kit and unpack it (it is in a tar-gz format). This includes all the bitmap files, and some programs to combine them.
Alternatively, you can download the latest CVS repository by:
% cvs -z3 co rltiles

"rltiles/dctile.exe" is a program to generate tileset. If you are using LINUX, type as below:
% cc tool/dctile.c tool/bm.c -o dctile

Feed it a configuration file (dc-2d.txt for Dungeon Crawl and nh-2d.txt for NetHack), then the program combines bitmap files into a large BMP file which is used by the games. On Windows, Drag and Drop the txt file to dctile.exe. On LINUX, run "dctile nh-2d.txt", etc.
If you want to change some tile, browse "map.html" generated by dctile.exe. You will find which bmp file correspond to the tile you want to change. Edit the corresponding tile, or alternatively, create a new tile and edit the txt file, and change the entry name of the tile to your new bmp file (.bmp suffix is not needed).
To create a new tile, start from "rltiles/blank.bmp" and use the 256 color palette in it.
If you are a developer of some Roguelike game and like to generate a tileset for your game, write down a new configuration file and feed it to dctile.exe.

How to generate player paperdoll tile

"rltiles/dcpl.exe" is a program to generate paperdoll tileset. If you are using LINUX, type as below:
% cc tool/dcpl.c tool/bm.c -o dcpl
It reads "dc-pl.txt" and generate paperdoll bmp "player.bmp". To customize, edit "dc-pl.txt".
Note on Colors
All the bitmaps included in this package use the same 256-color
palette. If you displayed the palette in 16x16 grid, it would look
like this:
  0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  A       B  C  D  E  F
0| Red                   |Dark Red    | Pale Red
1| Red-Orange            |Dark Yellow | Pale Yellow
2| Orange                |Dark Green  | Pale Green
3| Yellow-Orange         |Dark Cyan   | Pale Cyan
4| Yellow                |Dark Blue   | Pale Blue
5| Yellow-Green          |Dark Magenta| Pale Magenta
6| Green                 |Pale Red    | VeryPale Red
7| Cyan-Green            |Pale Yellow | VeryPale Yellow
8| Cyan                  |Pale Green  | VeryPale Green
9| Cyan-Blue             |Pale Cyan   | VeryPale Cyan
A| Blue                  |Pale Blue   | VeryPale Blue
B| Blue-Magenta          |Pale Magenta| VeryPale Magenta
C| Magenta               | <------- GREY------------->
D| Red-Magenta           | <------- GREY------------->
E| Fresh Color     |Gold Color            | Zombie 
F| Zombie | <---------UNUSED-----------------------> BG Color

Hue-Satulation map

Color map